Research Sites of Interest

Aya Sofya and Melvana museum and tomb:

Royal Armouries:

Thornbury Castle:

Institute of Nautical Archaeology:

Caenarfon Castle:


The Black Prince by Barbara Emerson

The Life and Campaigns of the Black Prince from contemporary letter, diaries, and chronicles, including Chandos Herald’s, Life of the Black Prince edited & translated by Richard Barber.

The Hundred Years War by Christopher Allmand

Edward, Prince of Wales and Aquitane by Richard Barber

A Traveller’s History of the Hundred Years War in France by Michael Starks

A Knight and His Armor

A Knight and His Weapons

A Knight and His Horse

A Knight and His Castle

A Knight in Battle-series by Ewart Oakeshott

The Medieval Sword by Ewart Oakeshott

The Book of the Medieval Knight by Stephen Turnbull

Knights by Andrea Hopkins

The Historical Atlas of Knights and Castles by Dr. Ian Barnes

A Dictionary of Chivalry by Grant Uden

Great Medieval Castles of Britain by James Forde-Johnston

Inventing the Middle Ages by Norman F. Cantor




The Iliad by Homer (version translated by Samuel Butler and additional version translated by Alexander Pope)

The History in Our Seas by Tufan Turanli

Beneath the Seven Seas edited by George Bass

The Sea Remembers edited by Peter Throckmorton

Troy and Homer by Joachim Latacz

Homer, His Art and His World by Joachim Latacz

The Trojans and Their Neighbors by Trevor Bryce

Maritime Archaeology by Jeremy Green

The Trojan War by Barry Strauss

Warfare in the Classical World by John Warry

Homer by Barry Powell

The Tradition of the Trojan War in Homer and the Epic Cycle by Jonathan S. Burgess

Loot by Sharon Waxman

Loot, Legitimacy and Ownership by Colin Renfrow

Stealing History by Roger Atwood

Project Troia from University of Tuebingen and Department of Classics, University of Cincinnati

Archaeology Magazine


In Search of the Trojan War –BBC Presentation

Troy—National Geographic Production

Digging for the Truth—History Channel

Cities of the Underworld (Gods of War)—Arts and Entertainment Production

Voyage From Antiquity—Institute of Nautical Archaeology


Sources for the Hundred Years War and the Black Prince-previously cited in Heroes Live Forever

Fashion in the Age of the Black Prince by Stella Newton

Dress and Decoration of the Middle Ages by Henry Shaw

Medieval Costume in England and France by Mary G. Houston

British Costume from Earliest Times to 1820 by Mrs. Charles h. Ashdown

Life in Medieval Times by Marjorie Rowling

Life in a Medieval City by Joseph and Frances Gies

Who’s Who in the Middle Ages by John Fines

The Oxford Illustrated History of the British Monarchy by John Cannon and Ralph Griffiths

The Future of Spacetime by Kip S. Thorne, Stephen W. Hawking, Igor Novikov, Timothy Ferris and Alan Lightman

Time Travel in Einstein’s Universe by J. Richard Gott

O.C.S.O. (Cistercian Order of the Strict Observance)

Nova Online